Craftbit Alpha - Release

Hey Crafters,

We are happy to announce that as of May 24th 2021, we have opened up the Craftbit Minecraft server to the public for an alpha release. This release is publicly available to anyone who wishes to give it a try.

The Kingdoms server is open but the Warclans server is still in development.

During the alpha state there will be a lot of gameplay content missing. More information on updates will be released soon.

Please note the following:
  • Wiki articles may be incomplete or missing;
  • Achievements are incomplete;
  • The Friends system has not been set up yet;
  • The mcMMO menu has not been set up yet;
  • The kits menu has not been set up yet;
  • The Nether and End worlds are not finished and can not be accessed;
  • PlayerShops can not be created yet;
  • There are no dungeons yet;
  • There are no quests yet;
  • You might find bugs or incomplete content.

Please report any issues here:

Please post suggestions here: