Craftbit Alpha V1.1

Hey Crafters!

We have been slowly releasing some updates for the server, here is a list of the most recent changes.

List of Patches & Updates

  • Fixed the fountain at spawn
  • Fixed the Emerald Block sell price (was too low)
  • Fixed some enchantments on swords in crates (combinations were not possible)
  • Adjusted the PVP arena to include more detail
  • Lowered the mob grinder at spawn in the ground (because it looks better)
  • Added a command to check the online players (/who or /list)
  • Fixed the bug were it would say you aren't registered when joining the server, when in fact you were
  • Added signs to the Nether and End portals indicating that they are still a work in progress
  • Changed all mcMMO messages with a prefix in front of the message (so you know when a message is from mcMMO)
  • Fixed various drops that weren't working because of old (1.12.2) item IDs
  • Added a common chance to receive between 1 and 100 coins from killing any monster (to balance things out a bit)
  • Fixed villager spawning and breeding (somehow was broken, sorry @Mbaltensperger )
  • Added leaderboards with top balances, at spawn and with command (/baltop)
  • Added poppy's to the farming shop (iron golem drops)
  • Added arrows to the mob drops shop
  • Decreased the amount of mcMMO credits you get from crates
  • Increased the auction house limit from 100k coins to 10m coins (because we balling baby)
  • Fixed an issue where rejoining the server quickly led to a joining cooldown of 60 seconds
If you have any suggestions, please be sure to post them here:

Kind regards,
The Craftbit team