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  • If you break the Craftbit Rules a staff member may restrict your account or give you a warning. Warnings can not be appealed. We suggest that you read through this article so you have all the information that you need to appeal.

    You can submit an appeal by using the appeal button located at the bottom of the Help Center.

    When should I appeal?

    If you think that your punishment has been too severe, you can appeal.

    When submitting your appeal, please attach your evidence of why you think the punishment is unfair. If you want to appeal a restriction that has been given to you for good reasons, please include evidence (written or otherwise) of how you have improved your behaviour or what you have learned from this.

    What happens after submitting my appeal?

    Once you have submitted your appeal one of our staff members will review it. The staff member will look at all the evidence you have submitted, as well as the severeness of the reason for your ban or mute.

    Note: If a staff member has come to a decision you will be notified of it. Please allow up to 10 days for a staff member to give a response.

    What can I do if I don’t agree with the decision?

    If you still feel like you have been restricted wrongfully, you can ask for another staff member to give a second opinion on your appeal. You can ask for a second opinion within 4 days after the decision has been made, otherwise the staff member will close your appeal.

    Keep in mind that if you ask for a second opinion on a permanent restriction, the decision will be final and you can not submit a new appeal within 30 days of the final decision.

    Tip: Respect our staff members, be mindful of your language towards them if you write an appeal. Appeals that are in contrary with our server rules will automatically be denied.