Applying For Staff

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  • This article will go over some useful information if you are looking to apply for staff. You should read this before applying.

    If you wish to send in your application fill in the form located at the bottom of the Help Center, that is the only way to apply.

    We will also take your Craftbit Level in consideration when deciding on your application, as it measures your activity on the server.

    Note: If you have not yet received a response, please note that it can take up to ten days to receive a response. If you ask within the ten days for a review, we will deny your application.


    If you want to apply for staff you need to meet the following requirements:
    1. You must be at least 15 years of age;
    2. You must be active on the server, website and on our Discord server;
    3. You must mature, honest, helpful and patient;
    4. You must speak and write fluent in English, any other language is a pre;
    5. You have not received major punishments in the last 30 days.

    Motivation letter layout

    If you are writing your motivational letter, please include the following:
    1. Basic information about you;
    2. Why are you right for the job?;
    3. What can you contribute in the team?;
    4. Provide examples of how you meet the requirements (as stated above, age not included);
    5. If you have ever been muted or banned, please include this;
    6. Do you have any previous moderation experience?;
    7. If you have any other hobbies or activities outside of Minecraft, please include them;
    8. Is there something that could affect your activity on the server?;
    9. Anything else that you want us to know.
    Tip: We are looking for applications that show us how you would be suited for the role, use relevant experiences or examples to show this. If you open an application, please make sure that you present this well, provide some structure and creativity if you want to. We are basing our decision on your application only, so it is important that you read everything carefully and be honest about the things you write.


    After you have posted your application it will be reviewed by one of our staff members. Please allow up to ten days to let our staff review your application and respond.

    The process will look as follows:
    Step 1: You submit your application;​
    Step 2: Your application will be read through by one of our staff members;​
    Step 3: You will personally be notified by a staff member about the decision of your staff application.​


    If you become a staff member of Craftbit you will form the player support on the server. You will assist players by answering questions, tickets and explaining to them how to use the server. You will also moderate our website and the chats on our Discord server and in-game, making sure that players follow the rules.

    Therefor you need be strong at communicating, multitasking, have knowledge of the server, point out the rules and guidelines, remain calm in challenging situations and adapt quickly to new situations.
    As a staff member you must be aware of your tasks and role before applying, we advise you to read carefully through this thread. You also need to think about what your strengths are and how you can insert this in your role as a staff member. Besides this you should think about how available you are at the moment, do you have enough time to be actively engaged with your role as a staff member? You should consider this before applying to become part of our team.
    The only way to become a moderator or admin is by starting out as Junior staff. As a Junior you support the players and you learn how to handle certain situations. After your trial period we will discuss a promotion with the staff. This is the only way to get a higher staff role on Craftbit.
    After your application has been received, a staff member will review this. Please allow up to ten days for staff to read your application and give a response. If you have not received a response within ten days notify a staff member and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
    If you have been denied you can reapply after one month of having received the decision. You are free to apply as many times as you like, unless told otherwise. However we advice to look to your application and listen to the advice the staff member may have given you. This is why we would recommend to re-evaluate your application and look at what improvements you can make.

    If you decide to re-apply keep in mind that it can be beneficial to be self-aware of your skills. Look at your own skills and find a way to maybe apply them as a staff member, you can tell us this in your new application. You are free to reapply with your latest application, this may end in a similar decision. We would recommend to update your application and keep in mind the feedback you may have received.
    It is up to you what you want to share in your application. We are not forcing players to give up any personal information that you are not comfortable sharing with us. The meaning of personal information in this context would mean for example: ‘’I have been staff on X server’’, ‘’I go to school at X’’, ‘’I live in a city named X’’. However we may need information like your real name or contact information.

    It is good to remember that any information that you share in your application needs to be relevant to the application. This information needs to explain to us why you should be a staff member, give examples and show us that you meet the requirements.
    Your overall reputation will affect the outcome of your application. You are applying to become a staff member and we are looking for certain characteristics that would fit a member of our team. If you have a recent (30 days or less) history of breaking rules, receiving a ban or being muted, your application will not be considered until you meet the needed requirements.

    We will not instantly deny your application when you can provide some proof that you have matured if you have received a ban or mute in the past. It is important to us that you are honest about this and show us that you have what it takes to be a part of our team.
    If you did not find the answer you were looking for, please note that this information is here to answer the most general questions. If you have a specific questions please message a staff member, may the answer be in this thread they will direct you to this.