Craftbit Kingdoms

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  • What is Craftbit Kingdoms?

    Kingdoms is very much like your typical Survival server on Minecraft but with an RPG twist to it. We try to include a more RPG feeling into the playstyle while still keeping it somewhat true to the vanilla nature. Our goal is to give players a simple and easy to understand playing experience while not limiting their creativity.

    Kingdoms is a friendly server where griefing is not allowed, do you like to grief/raid and destroy? Maybe Craftbit Warclans is the server for you.

    Some of the things you can do on Kingdoms:
    • Play Minecraft in the Survival gamemode
    • Play together with your friends in the same world
    • Protect your area and add your friends to the region (GriefPrevention)
    • Create your own shop where other players can buy and sell items (PlayerShops)
    • Create your own warp where other players can teleport to (PlayerWarps)
    • Create a Mob Grinder where you or other players can grind for items or experience