Craftbit Level

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  • This article will explain you the basics of Craftbit levels:
    • All of the commands you can use;
    • What are Craftbit Levels;
    • What are Craftbit Levels useful for;
    • How do you earn experience / levels.

    The Basics

    When you first join our server, you start at level 1.

    Your current level is indicated with a yellow-colored star and then a number in front of every chat message you send in the public chat, next to your username as well as in the scoreboard.

    It is a useful tool to indicate how active players are on Craftbit and how much they have played. New players would have a low level while very active players would have a high level.

    By typing the command /level you will see an overview of your current stats since you first joined and started playing on Craftbit.


    This is a list of all commands that you can use.

    /levelOpen your profile (GUI)
    /level <player>Display someone elses Craftbit Level
    /level topDisplay the highest levels on Craftbit


    Your experience increases as you play on the server.

    The following tasks will earn you experience:
    • Play time
      • 1 experience per 60 seconds online time
    • Blocks walked
      • 1 experience per 40 blocks walked
    • Blocks mined
      • 1 experience per 10 blocks mined
    • Blocks placed
      • 1 experience per 10 blocks placed
    • Player kills
      • 5 experience per 1 player killed (with 60 second cooldown)
    • Mob kills
      • 1 experience per 1 mob killed