Reporting a Player

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  • This article will explain how you can report another player for breaking the Craftbit Rules. We suggest that you read this before reporting another player.

    You can send in your report by using the report button located at the bottom of the Help Center.

    After you submit a report, one of our staff member will look at your report and the evidence that has been provided. When the staff member has taken a decision, you will receive an update.

    Note: There is no need to contact a staff member when you have not received an answer yet, please allow up to ten days for a staff member to take a decision.

    What are reasons to report a player?

    You can report a player if you think they are doing something that is against our rules. For example:
    • Hacking or exploiting bugs or glitches
    • Disruptive behaviour
    • Flaming, profanity or provoking
    • Spamming or advertising
    If you are unsure if a player is doing something against the rules, please read through the Craftbit Rules carefully.

    You should not report a player if certain situations occur such as: ‘’He called me fat’’, ‘’We were teaming up but the player betrayed me’’, ‘’Someone took what I did to their advantage’’, etc. If a player keeps on harassing you and he shows disruptive behaviour you can report them. Please make sure that you provide us proof (for example with multiple screenshots of things that happened over time).


    By including proof you are giving us evidence of your claims. We can not take any action if we do not have sufficient proof that the player is doing something against our rules.

    If you are reporting a player for hacking, we require an unedited video of a player doing this. For claims of scamming, griefing or spamming we require screenshots and if possible a video. For other chat-based reports a screenshot will often be sufficient.

    Picture proof

    If you want to provide evidence by using screenshots, these must contain the full Minecraft window. Please do not crop the screenshot to just one line of a sentence in a chat, this will not be enough evidence for a staff member to take action. We only care about the a raw, unedited screenshot as evidence for your report, otherwise we can not accept your report.

    You can upload screenshots to an image sharing website (for example Imgur) and share the link with us in the ‘’proof’’ section of the report.

    For more information see: Attaching Proof

    Video proof

    One of the best sources to provide proof when you want to report a player, is by using a video. When you want to use a video as proof, you can not edit the video (don’t slow it down, speed it up, use filters, etc). Make sure to upload an unedited video of atleast 15 seconds long. If your video is longer than 60 seconds, please provide timestamps of the events that happened that are of importance.

    You can upload the video by using the URL and sharing this in the ‘’proof’’ section.

    For more information see: Attaching Proof