Reporting a Bug

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  • This article will explain how you can report a bug or issue to us. We suggest that you read this before reporting a bug or issue.

    Before you open your report, look through the list of Known Issues to see if it hasn't been reported already!

    You can send in your report by using the report button located at the bottom of the Help Center.

    Note: Please only report the issue you came across once, there is no need to open a report twice.

    What should I include in my report?

    When you report a bug or issue please make sure to include as much information as you can. If possible include the following information:
    • The server where the bug or issue occured on
    • An explanation about how to recreate the issue (step by step)
    • Screenshots or video evidence that shows the issue
    • Other information that is related to the bug or issue
    Tip: If you have a suggestion to a solution to the problem, you can include this in the report. One of our staff member will look at all the solutions available and seek for the best one to prevent this from happening again.

    What kind of issues can I report?

    You can report all the bugs, glitches and issues (or lag). Please only report the issue you came across once, there is no need to open a report again.

    Only submit issues that are not related to you own client, but instead report an issue that we can solve (for example we can not help you in providing a better connection to your internet).

    What happens after I have submitted my report?

    If you have submitted your report, one of our staff members will take a look at the report and see if there is enough evidence to support the claim. When there is, the staff member will put the issue in a system. This system will only be available for staff to get an overlook of issues that have been reported.

    You will be notified that your issues has been received and what decision the staff member has made in concern of your report. Please allow up to ten days for a staff member to give a response, if you have not received a response after the ten days, please make sure to notify a staff member.