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Craftbit Closed Beta
2 minute read

Hi everyone! If you're new here: welcome to Craftbit!

We're a new and upcoming Minecraft server that supports both Java and Bedrock edition. Our server is aiming to give a close-to-vanilla feel while offering a ton of fun and extra features. In the future we are hoping to offer the following gamemodes: Survival (SMP), Skyblock, Prison (Classic) and Creative. Starting out, we will focus on the Survival/SMP server. Craftbit will be a community-focused server, meaning that our first priority will always be the community of the server.

Survival planned features

As mentioned, the Survival/SMP server will be the first gamemode to release on Craftbit. Some of the features we currently have planned are outlined below. More information can be found on the wiki located at https://wiki.craftbit.net/en/survival, we are constantly updating the wiki with new information as we add features.

  • Game version 1.20.4 - or possibly 1.21 if we can support it in time
  • 10.000 x 10.000 overworld
  • 10.000 x 10.000 nether world
  • Custom End world (with a boss you can fight)
  • Crates/Crate keys (that can be obtained by playing)
  • Dungeons with different difficulties and custom mobs/bosses
  • Land protection with a lot of features (will be explained more on the wiki)
  • Custom enchantments
  • Quests/daily challenges
  • Random events (key drops, blocks coming alive, flying saddles...)
  • Auction house to trade with players
  • In-game block shop / economy
  • Player warps
  • Guilds
  • mcMMO

Some of these features are planned for future releases or subject to changes, but this should outline most of the current roadmap.

Beta sign up

You're probably wondering how to sign up for the closed beta! It's pretty simple, just follow the steps below:

  1. Join the Craftbit Discord server: https://craftbit.net/discord
  2. In the channel #beta-sign-up click on the 'Sign up for beta' button
  3. Send your Minecraft username in the ticket and we will add you to the whitelist!

You can now join the server. Keep in mind that during the closed beta, the server will not be complete and some features might be missing or not working. Feel free to report anything that doesn't work though!

See you soon